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Sleep is for the week

Weekends are tricky. During the week, my to-do list is pretty simple: get up, get dressed in clean clothes that are on in the right order, go to work, fight the urge to tell customers or coworkers exactly what I think of them, come home, eat dinner, shower, sleep.

Oh, occasionally there's an extra item: pick up cat food, return books to library, figure out where that strange smell is coming from and eliminate it. But I don't expect to get a whole bunch done after work. No more than one extra task per night.

But weekends, as I said, are tricky. Because the expectations are higher, the list is longer, and - and this is an important bit - the list isn't written down. It's a mental list of all I hope to accomplish in my precious two days off work.

And that's where the wheels fall off, on a typical weekend. When I have a specific set of tasks with a deadline, such as visiting guests or taxes that need to be filed, or a trip for which I need to prepare, it's all good. I make a list of what needs to be done, and I cross it off as I finish.

The problem comes when there's nothing that urgently needs doing RIGHT NOW, just this vague mental checklist of stuff I'd like to accomplish. Because if I wrote it all down, I would see that it's too much to do in one day or one weekend, and I'd prioritise and cross some items off, and work with what's left.

But because it's all in my brain, which hates me, I keep adding things. I've already got a list that would take me a week or more to accomplish, and my brain is chirping away: "and then I'll paint the baseboards! And make cupcakes!" And the problem with that is, I either end up upset at myself for not doing "enough" in my free time, or I suddenly run out of energy in the middle of the task, and potentially end up passed out face first in the cupcake frosting.

And either way, it's not a pretty picture.

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Holiday - House - Pumpkin

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As per a post in thequestionclub, here is a partial list of things that make me happy:
Avocados, board games, books, bookstores, card games, cheap shiny jewelry, chocolate, deep fried pickles, dollar store shopping sprees, family, friends, fruit, getting things done, ice cream, iced coffee, kittens, movies, music, nail polish, origami, pasta, roast beef, rock band, salad, sleep, swimming, vegetables, wasabi almonds, watermelon.

And alphabetised lists, apparently.

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